The Island

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When you escape to Shapinsay – the Green Isle at the Heart of Orkney – you’ll be glad you did!  Whether it’s just for a few hours or a few days we are so near to the Orkney mainland – we are the perfect accessible choice for a fast-track to peace and quiet in friendly unspoiled surroundings. In less than half an hour you can take a step back into the calm world of natural beauty and uninterrupted peace and tranquillity that our island offers. It’s pure Island therapy and it works! No need to rush back to the mainland, either. There are places to stay here to stretch your soothing experience away from it all – to the max.

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There are other reasons to come here, too. Maybe you are interested in our green energy projects and want to learn more. We are at the forefront of a pioneering scheme in Orkney to use spare electricity from our community wind turbine, Whirly to produce synthetic diesel and urea as fertiliser – to cut costs for farmers. Islands in the Orkney archipelago with community wind turbines have been losing out in producing revenue because they are switched off whenever the National Grid has reached capacity. Rather than just accept this situation the problem has inspired the people of Shapinsay to look at innovative solutions!

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A number of people of all age ranges have contributed their thoughts on different parts of the island and what makes Shapinsay so unique as a place to live, work and play! Check out these by clicking on the images below which take you to information about Cycling around Shapinsay, the history of the island and the abundant nature which you can find throughout our home.

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